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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hello!! Are you enjoying spring vacation? This spring, my younger brother is going to move to Hiroshima to go to university. So I will help him prepare many things needed his new life. I have experiensed moving two years ago, so I can give him some advice. I think starting new life is a big change. Actually,I had a lot of difficluties two years ago such as homesick. I hope my brother will do well in Hiroshima.
Anyway, I'm planning to see my friends next Tuesday!! I will have fun with them, and someday I wanna get together with class 25 friends and Scott again!!
I hope everybody keep bloging when you have time and I will. See ya (^-^)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello!! The class started. As you know, I have sty in my left eye now. I went to see a doctor and I take an eye drop everyday. It's getting better day by day, but my eyes are tired because of a lot of term papers!! I also sit in front of the PC and write them everyday, so it's hard to cure my left eye completely. I hope my eye will get better by this weekend, because we have a class party in Hirakata this Friday!! I'm looking forward to it.
I cannot believe that this semester will finish in one more week. I'm worried about final exams. I think this year is more difficult than last year. I will try hard.Everybody, cheer up!!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Good evening!! It was very cold in Matsuyama today. I saw my friends this afternoon in a cafe, and we talked a lot. I was happy to meet them.
BTW, I'm going to attend the coming age celemony tomorrow. Maybe many my classmates will be. I have to get up very early tomorrow morning to have my hair set, make up, and wear Hurisode( kimono). Hurisode is very very heavy, so I don't like it. However, to wear it will be only once in my whole life, so I will stand!!!
I gonna go to bed early this night.
I'm planning to get a ship tomorrow night, and get back to Osaka the day after tomorrow... Soooo hard schedule!!! I regret that I cannot attend a meeting after the celemony.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Scott soon!! See you(^-^) 

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Happy New Year!! May you your happiness of this year.
I saw my cousins yesterday and today. We played card( UNO) together! It was very very exciting, and we played many times. I think we were eating all the time(>-<)
i need to lose weight because I'm going to meet many my friends in the coming age celemony next week. I will try....but maybe I must eat rice cakes we made.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hello!! I'm in Matsuyama now. Today, my dad and I went to my grandma's home to help her clean the whole house. I worked hard!! She seemed so happy. The new years day is coming soon. What will you do? I'm going to spend in my grandms's home with my relatives.
Anyway, on December 21and 22, my friend and my family went around my home refecture and Hiroshima. We went to so many places and had fun!! My friend, Feng, seemed happy. I wanna go to Malaysia next time and I hope she will be my guide there.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hello my friends!! It is warm today, isn't it? Today is the last day to come to school. I will go back to my hometown as soon as the class over. My friend from Malaysia and I are going to take a night bus from Umeda to Matsuyama. It takes around 7 hours because it is a midnight bus. If it is morning or afternoon, it takes 5hours. I usually take a plane to go back home, and it takes only45 miniutes!! I like to take air because I can see a beautiful views from it ! So, I always take a window seat! Maybe I have ever taken a plane more than 25 times. My grandma has never taken a plane, so she is often surprised when I say how many times I have taken it.
Have a nice holiday!If you go back to your hometown, take care. See you on January(^_^)

Monday, December 13, 2004

More 1 week before winter vacation!!! Yahooo! Everything seems to be moving so fast.My speaking partner went back to the U.S this past weekend. But, we will keep in touch!!
I ate out with my friend Naomi on Saturday. We went to Asian food restaurant in Hirakata. Miho told me it was good, so I choose. We ate many many Chinese food( Yamucha) such as syumai, nikuman, and harumaki!!Everything was nice. We were full!! I couldn't think about food after eating. I want to go there again.
IRecentry, I didn't go to see movie, so I want to. I'm interested in "Terminal" and "Mr.Incredible". I will see them on vacation. If you see them, please let me know how they are!!
See ya!